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Ultimate Kid Friendly First Aid Kit

Kid Friendly First Aid Kit

As you may know, I used to work for the Girl Scouts, and through my experience with them, learning to "be prepared" became a way of life.  Now as a mom, I like to make sure I have everything on hand - expecting the unexpected.

When it came time to make a First Aid Kit for my car, I knew I wanted it to be complete, kid friendly, easily organized, and portable.  And inexpensive - you can't forget that part!  While you might be able to buy a better commercial version, you'll be hard pressed to find a better home made first aid kit anywhere!

I started with an old cosmetic case (this one was once filled with makeup as an Ulta Set).  I like that the platforms slide out to make everything instantly accessible without having to dig through a bag.

Cosmetic Case First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit for Kids

While the case is great, closing securely and easily carried with a sturdy handle, it's what's inside that really matters!  One of my favorite inclusions is my threaded stacking tubes I picked up for $1 each from Target.  Inside I have a little pharmacy of pain relievers to keep us feeling comfortable where ever we go!

First Aid Kit Pill Container

Check out what's inside my Kid Friendly Ultimate First Aid Kit below!

Kid Friendly First Aid Kit Contents

What's in my kit?


1 - Stacking Tubes with Tylenol, Aleve, Asprin and Ibuprophin, Exlax, Immodium, Pepto, Tums, and Allergy Pills

2 - Emetrol for Nausea - This syrup is great for easing queasy stomachs for both kids and adults.

3 - Baby Tylenol or Ibuprofen for fevers or pain

4 - Dramamine for Motion Sickness

First Aid:

5 - Bandaids and Gauze Pads of all shapes and sizes including printed band aids for kids!

6 - Alcohol and No Sting Cleansing Pads

7 - Paper Soap for Washing Wounds

8 - Gauze Wrap for burns or wounds

9 - Ace Bandage for twists and sprains

10 - Medical Tape for holding gauze

11 - First Aid Spray (for Kids) Cream (for us)

12 - Plastic Gloves

13 - Instant Ice Pack

14 - Tweezers for Splinters


15 - Be Koool Fever Sheets:  We absolutely love these as they not only help reduce fevers, but are very soothing to sick little ones, or adults with headaches.

16 - Thermometer

Baby Care:

17 - Q-Tips and Baby Nail Files

18 - Diaper Rash Cream:  We like the samples we got with formula samples when the kids were newborns.

19 - A&D Ointment

Skin and Stings:

20 - Topical Benadryl for Kids

21 - After Bite for Kids

22 - Sting Soothers

23 - Sunscreen Stick (since we always forget)

24 - Baby Powder for chafing


25 - Contact Case and Solution for Mom (could also be used as an emergency eye wash)

It's a tight squeeze - but it's all in there!  What's in your first aid kit for kids?  Leave a comment and we'll add it to our list!

A few disclaimers:  I am not a medical professional, and therefore this list is not provided as medical advice.  I do keep my kit in the car, and while I acknowledge that heat and sun can reduce the efficiency of medicines, we feel that having a less effective product is better than not having it with us at all.  Our car is typically in a weathered garage so less damage is done.  I am aware that medical professionals recommend keeping medicines in original, child-proof containers, but believe that our case is kept safely out of tiny hands for the time being.

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